A Welcomed Addition


Just a reminder to everyone that Pier Transmission is our neighbor. They own the lot over by the running path and they allow us to use their lot during nights and weekends. Parking in their lot during the  late morning and mid-day classes is not pemritted (7:30am,9am,11am,12pm). Please use our lot, street parking, and if you are really in a pinch park along the BCBS fence. They have the right to tow you out of there, so please do not chance it.

Also, when running or using sleds or farmers handles please yeild to the cars driving through there. They have the right of way and the worst thing would be to see someone get injured. We know you want fast times, but we are a city gym and need to be cautious. Move to the side always if a car is coming, please don’t make them go around you.

Thanks for your consideration! The happier our neighbors are the easier it is for everyone.

To  increase flexibility for the snatch grip deadlift, you need to practice getting comfortable in the position.  Load a bar with 100-150% of your max and pull yourself into your starting position.  From here, anteriorly rotate your pelvis, pull your groin towards the bar and lift your chest up.  Also use the bar to pull yourself into the ground. You should feel tension in the low back and  hamstrings.  Hold this position for 30 or so seconds, take a break retry with a wider grip two more times where possible.

With a PVC
5 sots press -from the font to the back to the front is 1 today for all sots presses
10 pass throughs
5 sots press
10 around the worlds to the left
5 sots press
10 around the worlds to the right

Grab a barbell
5 sots press
3 times through the Oly complex
5 sots press

1. Complex: 1 Squat Snatch/3 Overhead squats – 5×1

2. Halting Snatch pull x 3@100 %
Stop at the low and mid hang for a second and then accelerate to hit the high hang. Return to the ground controlled and in the same fashion. Pausing at the mid hang and low hang and lowering the bar slowly to the ground. *you can use straps if need be.

*work on stretching into a comfortable position before each set.

High Bar Back Squat 5×1

7 Minute AMRAP
5 Hang Squat Snatches (155/105)
10 Burpee Lateral Jumps

Regional (135,95)
Open (115,80)