How Serious do you take Mobility?

*Schedule Update – Normal classes today except the 730pm is Canceled.  On Thursday there will only be one class at 9am, this will most likely be a non-coached community WOD and everyone is encouraged to attend. Friday and Saturday we will be running a reduced schedule with only classes in Southie Orange. All Levels classes will be held throughout the day on Friday but no L1/L2 classes. Saturday we will be holding All levels classes at 9am,10am and 11am in addition to a noon free intro and open gym until 2pm. There will be no L1/L2 classes on Saturday. L1/L2 athletes are encouraged to attend the All Levels classes on both Friday and Saturday.*

Mobility: the easiest thing to get good at

At CF Southie we do a lot of pre workout warmup. We usually incorporate some stretches and mobility work that pertain to the specific movements of the day. However, if you find that you struggle with certain movements or range of motion due to flexibility, you need to work this weakness more than just 10-15 minutes each class. Flexibility is the easiest thing to work on. While reading this blog post you could be stretching your hamstrings or doing to wall stretch for your quads and hip flexors. Many times our weak movements have less to do with strength than they do with mobility. Overhead, hip felxors, lumbar (lower back), thoracic (upper back/neck), hamstrings, heck the entire posterior chain, tend to be problem areas for most of us Crossfitters. How do you improve on this? STRETCH!! Like I said, we always do some sort of stretching during class. This along with maybe checking out Coach Beretta’s awesome Mobility class once in a while will arm you with a plethora of stretches you can perform at home, in the office, or pre and post class time at CF Southie. You would be shocked at how much 5-10 extra minutes a day can really help. Don’t let flexibility limit your improvement any longer. Work at it!

Power Snatch

Kettlebell Swings (2,1.5)
Handstand Push-ups