Going to the Games Fund

So we’re going to LA! Now this whole trip is looking to get pretty expensive between the flights, staying for a week, renting a car, food, an endless supply of tough ties for TJ, etc… Amy and I have put up the money to cover the costs to stay for the entire team but we’re hopeful that the CFS community could chip in to contribute to the cost of the rest of the trip.  Below there are two options to donate.  The first one allows us to charge your CFS account for the donation you select and the second option uses Google Checkout.  Thank you for your continued support!

Charge my CFS account:

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Use Google CheckOut:

On a related subject, the games tickets sold out early this year just after we found out we made it to LA, but wait for it… they just announced they will be releasing a few thousand more next Monday. For those of you that will not be out in LA with us, there have been some of you that have expressed getting together to watch the games here in Boston. As far as we know the Games will not be broadcasted live on ESPN but there will be live internet feed. Now we have a few options here..the first being using the upstairs at the Stadium to broadcast on their projector screen. The second being holding a viewing session at CrossFit Southie if a few of you are willing to volunteer to be in charge. If you are interested in either of the two options, please post to comments and we will try and get something brewing.

5 minute
800m run
AMRAP pull-ups (ADV Muups)
Rest 2 minutes
8 minute
800m run
20 pull-ups (ADV 5 Muups)
Then AMRAP Wallballs
Rest 2 minutes
In 11 minutes
800m run
20 Pull-ups (ADV 5 Muups)
20 Wallballs

Score=total# of reps from each amrap portion

Level 2 600m run
Level 1 400m 15 pull-ups/wallballs