40’s the new 30


How bout those goats?

Nice job getting those goats up on the board. Some of you may need to rethink your goats a bit and make them more specific. Goat training isn’t going to be just “work on your goat for 20 minutes”. That can easily turn into a lot of standing around and being unproductive. Your goats will alternate daily and they will be done in the form of EMOMs and in WODs. This will not be as cut and dry as the normal programming, you will need to think for yourself a bit more. If your goat is muscle-ups and the WOD calls for 30 reps 3x of your goat, I don’t think you will be doing 90 muscle-ups….and if you manage to do 90 muscle-ups then you need to rethink your goats. If you have muscle-ups, but just need to get better at them, you could do 5-10 instead of the 30. If you are working towards them you could do 15 C2B and 15 ring dips each round, or 10 Strict Chest to bar pull-ups. Pick the limiting part of the movement for you and work on it exclusively.

Another example would be if you have a hard time with heavy squat snatches. That is your goat. But light squat snatches you could do all day. In this situation, you may want to scale those 30 reps to 5-10 reps at your goat weight. Decide before the WOD and stick to it.

It’s going to feel weird. There will be a shmorgishborg of movements going on at once with people screaming f***!!! from all directions. A lot of the WODs are not going to be for time. You will need to slow down and properly execute the movements. It is only 3 weeks of your training and we want you to take this seriously. This is your chance to really attack your weaknesses and close the gap between where you dominate and where you stay home. The coaches are here to help you with rep schemes and making your goat work with the WODs. Rowing, running, and double numbers will have different numbers for just about everything.

All this starts Monday!

Warm Up
400 m run
Grab a barbell
10 front squats
10 high hang squat cleans
10 low hang squat cleans
10 full squat cleans
10 push-presses
10 splits (without barbell)
10 split jerks with barbell

-stretch shoulders and lats

Spend 25 minutes working up to a 1 RM Squat Clean and Split Jerk.

WOD (20 minutes)
400m Sprint
40 Ring Dips
400m Sprint
40 Toes to Bar
400m Sprint
40 GHD Sit-ups
400m Sprint