Coach’s Corner – Eddie Gaeta




















Coach’s Corner – Eddie Gaeta

1.Classes you currently coach?
Monday Night Conditioning and 5:30pm Class

2.Years as a crossfitter and coach?
I’ve been doing crossfit now for 8 years and coaching for almost 7

3.Your favorite part of being a crossfit coach?
Outside of the community that crossfit builds and lifelong friendships that it has fostered, my favorite piece of being a coach is helping someone to accomplish a goal by giving an effective cue. That’s one hell of a day when someone gets a kipping pullup or jumps up in weight on a barbell from a simple pointer and it all just clicks! Boom!


4.Your Favorite WOD and Movement?
I have so many favorite workouts for what the mood is haha, but if I had to pick one I’d say Diane. That little sprint can hit you like no other with my favorite movement (just because it’s a strong lift for me), the Deadlift.

5. Athletic background (sports you played in high school and/or college)
In high school I played tennis and was the captain of the swim team, not because I was great or anything but I could hold my own. In college I got heavily into lifting/power lifting like all guys do. Still love the opportunity to get on the court or swim so if anyone’s interested let me know

6. Small piece of advice for Newbies and/or Veteran athletes
Honestly best advice is just GO! Step out of your comfort zone, ask questions, try something new and always challenge yourself.

7. Fun Fact most people don’t know about you
I have been a musician all my life and got pretty decent on the trombone where I got to play for numerous mass state orchestras, a broadway show in new york, and traveled the country and Canada for jazz competitions. And I like to pick up the guitar once in awhile, I don’t think a single person in the gym knows that little tidbit

8. What you enjoy about the CFS Community
In every crossfit gym there’s a feel you get when you walk in the door and an atmosphere you hope you can fit into to have the best experience. When I walked into Crossfit Southie almost two years ago to get a workout in I immediately felt…yup this is the place, I’ll stick around lol. The community here is like no other, having some of the most competitive athletes keeping you on your game, social butterflies to always have a great time, coaches who make workouts exciting and everyone feel welcome, and finally the genuine caring people have in your success. I have met some of the most incredible people in this gym and that’s what builds the amazing community that exists because of CFS, thats the best.

9. Favorite Southie Social Event
All of them, all the throwdowns I have been a part of either as an athlete or judge have introduced new fun people from the gym I wouldn’t have otherwise met. The holiday party is epic every year, and Daniela knows how to throw a social that everyone will remember…I live for that and everyone at the gym makes going to those a great time that I have had serious FOMO if I couldn’t go.

Social Eddie!

Spring Nutrition Challenge Kicks off May 28th!
Are you looking for a simple yet effective way to jumpstart your nutrition goals before summer is in full swing? Look no further! We are excited to launch a new nutrition challenge beginning on Tuesday, May 28th (after MDW!), through June 25th (before July 4th festivities!).

The rules and tracking of this challenge will not be as strict as past challenges; however, the goal remains the same: fuel our body with as many whole, healthy foods as possible and develop as many healthy, sustainable practices outside of the gym as possible.

Everyone can benefit from this challenge! Whether you are brand new to CrossFit & nutrition, or if you are a nutrition challenge veteran, we encourage you to sign up! If you are interested in participating, please click HERE.

Important Dates:
Saturday, May 18th @ 11AM: Introductory Lecture w/ Coach Michelle Boutet, RD
Week of May 19th: Weigh-ins & Benchmark Workouts
Tuesday, May 28th: Challenge Begins!
Week of June 23rd: Weigh-ins & Benchmark Workouts Retest
Tuesday, June 25th: Challenge Ends!

2 Rounds
:45 on/:15 off
-Burpee Lateral Jumps
-Bent Over Rows
-Overhead Barbell Hold

Banded Shoulder Stretching

0-5- 2 Push Jerks
6-10 1 Split Jerk

30 Hang Power Cleans (135,95)
30 Burpee Lateral Jumps
30 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
30 Shoulder to Overhead

Level 3- (115,75)
Level 2- (95,55)
Level 1- (75, 35)
ADV – (155/105)

Extra Work
3 Rounds
Bike 25/20 Cals
100 Double Unders
Rest 90s

ADV – 6 Rounds
Scaled – 50 dubs or 100 Singles