3 Way Push


Warm Up
10|8 Cal Bike Easy
10 Lunges
10 Pike Push Ups

10|8 Cal Bike Moderate
10 Goblet Lunges
Max Effort Dip Lockout Hold*

10|8 Cal Bike Hard Effort
10 Goblet Split Squats**
10 Push Ups

*Can scale with a toe spot
**5 Each Side

Shoulder Rolling
Banded shoulder Stretch

With a band
45s Work|15s Rest
Each movement
-Banded Face Pulls
-Banded Pull-aparts
-Banded Strict press
-Banded Bent-over Row

50|35 Calorie Bike
100ft Goblet Lunge 2|1.5
30 Handstand Push-ups

40|28 Calorie Bike
100ft Goblet Lunge
30 Ring Dips

30|22 Calorie Bike
100ft Goblet Lunge
30 Push-ups

Level 2 – 40|28; 30|22; 20|15 Cals; 20 of Each Push Movement
Level 1- 50’ Lunge; Pike Push Ups, Banded Dips, Regular Push Ups
ADV- Strict HSPU,muscle-up to rings, 3 inch deficit.

Extra Work
For Time
10 Ring Muscle Ups
Accumulate 1:00 Sandbag Hug Hold 140|90

8 Ring Muscle-Ups
Accumulate 2:00 Sandbag Hug Hold

6 Ring Muscle-Ups
Accumulate 3:00 Sandbag Hug Hold

ADV – 12-10-8 Muscle Up

Athlete Note – Scale number of muscle ups accordingly. The set of 10 shouldn’t take more than 2-3:00 Max