We offer a variety of programs depending on specific goals as well as experience/fitness levels.

Our General CrossFit Program is our most popular and will help you get in the best shape of your life, regardless of your experience or ability level .  The CrossFit program focuses on developing a well rounded athlete by emphasizing general physical preparedness.  The workout is the same in each general CrossFit class but at busier times we do separate by ability levels to make for more effective coaching and a better learning experience.  To sign up for your free introductory CrossFit class or  first month of classes, click here.

For those looking to ease their way into CrossFit, we offer a monthly Bootcamp, which covers the CrossFit conditioning basics while eliminating the technical weightlifting component.  The bootcamp is a great way to be introduced to the common CrossFit concepts alongside a bunch of other newbies.  To sign up forour next bootcamp, click here.

Specialty Classes are available to help you exceed in your sport and improve in specific aspects of fitness.   These classes include Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit Endurance, Yoga and Mobility Classes.  We also offer Functional Movement Screening, to asses movement patterns to improve efficiency and prevent injury.

Our Competitor Classes enable athletes to take fitness to the next level.  These classes include higher volume, more technical lifts and advanced gymnastics skills.  The competitor program provide the tools for an athlete to be successful in the CrossFit arena.  A good solid foundation of general class skills and GPP as well as some CrossFit fitness requirements are necessary to enter into the Competitor program.

Lastly, Open gym hours are included with membership. 2x and 3x/week members have specific times to make use of Open Gym and unlimited members have access at all times during non-peak business hours.  There are rules and regulations that apply to Open Gym privileges.