Saturday 8/18 – OlyWOD – 10am class going forward

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Oly class has been moved to 10am going forward.  See you there!

Warm up
2 rounds of:
Press x10
Split press x10
Drop Jerk x5
Split Jerk x5

Split Jerk

Hang Clean+Jerk(2+1
5 sets; Ascending

Clean lift offs
3×5 w/ 105% of Max Clean

Snatch Seminar – OlyWOD

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The Grind

Snatch Seminar!
Join us Saturday 8/11 for a Special Oly/Snatch Seminar with coach Yosh! You’ll have a whole hour dedicated to this technical movement! Whether you’re a seasoned lifter or new to the game, you will benefit from this session. We’ll break down the Snatch and help you with different drills and progressions you can use to improve on this movement.


Saturday 8/4 – OlyWOD

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Yosh is out today.  Oly class will be non-coached. 

Next Saturday in place of traditional Oly class, we will be holding a Snatch seminar open to everyone.  Feel free to come at 11am and have the finer points of the Snatch broken down.

Snatch Warmup (5 reps of each)
Good morning
Back Squat
Behind neck press
Snatch Balance

Muscle Snatch
Hang Power Snatch
Hang Power Pause OHS
Snatch from mid thigh
Snatch from mid shin

1 Snatch + 3 OHS
5 sets; ascending weight

Snatch Balance
3×5 w/ 70%

Snatch pull
5×3 w/ 100% of Snatch

Saturday 7/28 – OlyWOD

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Clean & Jerk Warmup (5 reps of each)
Back Squat
Good morning
Rack stretch
Muscle Clean
Hang Power
Hang Power Pause Front Squat
Hang Clean
Clean from mid shin
Split press
Split Jerk
1 Clean + 3 Jerks
5 sets; ascending weight
Front Squat
5×3; medium weight, hold across all sets
Clean pull
3×5 @ 90% max clean

Saturday 7/21- OlyWOD

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Snatch Warmup
3 rounds of:
Muscle Snatch x3
Hang Power Snatch x3
Hang Power with pause, OHS x3
Hang Snatch x3
Snatch from mid shin x3

Power Snatch + Snatch (2+1)
50%, 60%, 65%, 70% (2x)

Overhead Squat

Snatch segment pull
(Mid shin/ Knee/ Mid thigh)
4 sets; ascending in weight each time

Saturday 7/14 – OlyWOD

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Yosh is away today. Oly class will be without a coach

Snatch Warmup (empty bar)
3rounds of:
Back Squat x3
Good morning x3
Snatch grip behind neck press x3
OHS x3
Snatch Balance x3

Snatch Balance + OHS (1+2)
4 sets; light

Hang Power Snatch + Hang Snatch
5 sets; ascending in weight each time

Snatch first pulls
3×5 @ 80% (of max snatch)

Saturday 7/7 – OlyWOD

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This guy is pretty, pretty, pretty good at Oly

Oly Class/Programming Update

Oly class will only be held and programmed for on Saturdays going forward.  We will rotate between C&J and Snatch each week. The class will be led by Yosh and the general guideline of the programming can be found on the Oly blog but Yosh will tailor specifically to each athletes individual needs during class.  So please come on in and take advantage.

Clean warmup (empty bar)
3 rounds of:
Good morning x3
Back Squat x3
Muscle Clean x3
Hang Power Clean x3
Hang Clean x3
Clean from mid shin x3
Power Clean + Hang Clean (1+2)
5 sets; ascending in weight each time
Behind the neck Jerk
5×3 @ 70%
Clean first pulls
3×5 @ 90%


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