Nutrition Challenges

Road to the Open: 2017 Winter Nutrition Challenge (January 22nd – March 4th)
This isn’t a strict “insert-popular-diet-name-here” challenge; this is a “make-healthy-choices” challenge that focuses on nutrition education, food selection, and overall wellness. We are focused on building your personal health template to encourage healthy food choices beyond the 6-week program and empower you to better understand your own diet.

The goal of this nutrition challenge is to teach you how the food you eat affects your body, your performance, and your overall health and wellbeing. For some, this may involve weight loss and body composition changes. Others will see improvements in their performance in the gym, and some will realize how much better they feel by eating more whole foods and focusing on their health. For many, all of the above will be experienced.

For the six weeks of this challenge, you will not be allowed to eat any added sugar, or refined grains. You will be able to have one serving of dairy per day (see below for more on serving sizes). Grains will be limited to a select list of and only allowed on workout days. While not a typical “Paleo Challenge”, this whole foods approach will encourage you to eat healthy, wholesome foods, cook and meal prep more at home, and fuel your workouts appropriately without being too time consuming or confusing. It will also be strict enough for you to see some amazing results, both in and out of the gym, depending on how well you stick to the plan. As in the past, alcohol will not be allowed, as booze is the main reason why many people do not see the results they want despite eating fairly healthy. Eating this way will become second nature after you figure out your routines and find ways to simplify meals.

For this challenge you will be working individually. You can still coordinate with your fellow gym friends for recipes, meal prepping, shopping, workouts, etc.

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Nutrition Challenge Points:
Daily Food Log (*must use food tracker online to track food, points, etc.)
4 Points = Perfect Day (absolutely no cheats)
3 Points = One small slip (less than one serving of a cheat all day)
2 Points = One major slip (one full serving of a cheat during the day)
1 Point = One full cheat meal (but no other cheats throughout the day!)
0 Points = Multiple Cheats throughout the day

Bonus Points
Take at least 2.5mg of Fish Oil = +.25 points
CrossFit WOD or workout on your own (Cannot double up) = +.25 points
Spent 20+ minutes on mobility outside of class time = +.25 points
7+ hours of sleep = +.25 points
Drank at least half of your bodyweight in ounces of water = +.25 points
Post your meals, recipes, workouts, progress, etc. on social media using hashtag “cfsnutritionchallenge” = +1 point max per week

Possible NEGATIVE points
Worked out but failed to have a post workout protein + carb source = -1 point
Consumed 1-2 alcoholic drinks = -1 point
Consumed 3-4 alcoholic drinks = -2 points
Consumed 4+ alcoholic drinks = -3 points