Nutrition Challenges

2018 Winter  Nutrition Challenge (January 21 – March 3)
This isn’t a strict “insert-popular-diet-name-here” challenge; this is a “make-healthy-choices” challenge that focuses on nutrition education, food selection, and overall wellness. We are focused on building your personal health template to encourage healthy food choices beyond the six-week program and empower you to better understand your own diet.

In addition to learning about healthy eating and properly fueling your body, this challenge will also help you learn how to eat the right portions of the right foods. Everyone will receive a 24 oz. three-compartment container upon weigh-in that you will use to measure your carbs, protein, and veggies for each meal. Join in on the challenge and see what kind of results you will find after six weeks of hard work!

Buy In: $20
Informational Lecture: Tuesday, January 16th @ 6pm
Benchmark Workouts: January 16 & 17
Baseline Measurements: Week of January 15
Challenge Begins: Sunday, January 21
Challenge Ends: Saturday, March 3

For this challenge you will be working individually. You can still coordinate with your fellow gym friends for recipes, meal prepping, shopping, workouts, etc.

To read the full details & rules of the challenge, click HERE.
To track food & points, click HERE.

Nutrition Challenge Points:
Daily Food Log (*must use food tracker online to track food, points, etc.)
5 Points = Perfect Day (absolutely no cheats) AND used container to measure portions
4 Points = Perfect Day (absolutely no cheats) but did not use container to measure portions
3 Points = One small slip (less than one serving of a cheat all day)
2 Points = One major slip (one full serving of a cheat during the day)
1 Point = One full cheat meal (but no other cheats throughout the day!)
0 Points = Multiple Cheats throughout the day

Bonus Points
Take at least 2.5mg of Fish Oil = +.25 points
CrossFit WOD or workout on your own (Cannot double up) = +.25 points
Spent 20+ minutes on mobility outside of class time = +.25 points
7+ hours of sleep = +.25 points
Drank at least half of your bodyweight in ounces of water = +.25 points
Post your meals, recipes, workouts, progress, etc. on social media using hashtag “cfsnutritionchallenge” = +1 point max per week
ADV – Hit your macro prescription for the day = +2 points per day

Possible NEGATIVE points
Worked out but failed to have a post workout protein + carb source = -1 point
Consumed 1-2 alcoholic drinks = -1 point
Consumed 3-4 alcoholic drinks = -2 points
Consumed 4+ alcoholic drinks = -3 points