CFS Instructional Videos

Nick - Working those L-Sits

Overhead Mobility

Posterior Shoulder

Jump stretch chest stretching and thoracic mobility

Doorway Stretch

Lat Stretching

Subscap/thoracic extension

Arm Bar Stretch

Turkish Get Up

Improving you squat jerk

I’s,T’s, Y’s, W’s & Cobras – working the small

muscles of the shoulder


Overhead band freestyle

Overhead with Rettajen-muscle-up-405x600

2 bands overhead mobility


Overhead band mobility

Single arm Banded overhead mobility

Trap/1st Rib MOB

Internal rotation and tricep stretching with a band

Peanut Thoracic Mobility

Overhead mobility

Amy Overhead mobility

2 Bands upper body mobility

Lower Body Mobility

World’s greatest stretch

wgs with band distraction

how to roll the lower body

lower body rolling with a softball

davinci tool at the desk

ungluing the hips

band distraction hip flexor stretch

Stretching with the paralettes


Adductor/Groin mobility

Hamstrings kb band distractionAdam

lower body rolling

lower body stretch


Bring a Friend



Upper/Lower Body Combo

GHD Mobility

Barbell Mash

Desk Mobility

 how to use the voodoo band

Davinci Tool

back buddy

Gymastics Movements

Skin the Cat

Rope Muscle Up

Ring Dip Scaling

rope climb foot technique

Scaling Push Ups

Kipping Deficit HSPU

C2B Tutorial

Burpee BreakDown

Rope climbs as a skill

Strict Ball Up, Strict T2B

muscle up efficiency

L Sits

Sully Divebomber

Explosive Pushup

Pulll Up Grip Variations

Pull Up

Weightlifting movements

Good Mornings

Alternating Dynamic and Max Effort Box Squat

Bent Over Row

Single Leg Deadlifts

The manmaker take 1

manmaker take 2

Improving Cycle time with the Barbell Drop

Deadlift Clean Setup

Floor Press

Good Morning Squat

Romanian Deadlift

Glute Ham Raises

Weighted Hip Extensions and GHD Bench Press

Good morning Lunge

Bulgarian Split Squat

Pendelay Row

good mornings

getting tight

High Bar Box Squat

Bent Over Row

High Bar vs. Low Bar

how to bench

Weightlifting Alterations

Using Chains for Accommodating Resistance

kettlebells and bands for added instability

banded deadlift

accommodating resistance with banded squats

Band resisted bench press

Sled Warmup

High Bar Box Squat

Deadlift with Chains

Banded KB Stability Bench

Banded Bench

Front Rack Walkouts

Weighted Box Squat Jump Followed By Depth Jump

1 & a quarter squats

pause squat

Banded bench press

sandbag hug

Barbell Drop

OH MB tossCole

banded squat abduction

ScapPushup, prone cobras, shoulder activators

Oly Lifts & Exercises

Heavy Snatch Pulls followed by Low Hang Squat Snatches

Clean Complex – High Hand PC, Low Hang PC, Below Knee SC

Snatch Complex – Muscle Snatch, OHS, Heaving Snatch Balance, Drop Snatch, Squat Snatch

Clean Complex – Power Clean, Push Press, 3/4 Power Clean, Push Jerk, Squat Clean, Split Jerk

Starting position set up

Amy tall snatch

what we are looking for in the oly lifts (1 piece pick up etc.)

pressing snatch balance, drop snatch, snatch balance, heaving snatch balance

Tall snatch

Starting Position Set Up

Power Position

3 position clean

Oly vs deadlift setup

deadlift vs oly setup 2

Stretching with a loaded barbell for a better starting position

Jumping the bar off the shoulders

Getting tight

3 Positions Squat Clean

stretching into a comfortable bottom position using a loaded bar

jumping the bar off the shoulders

TJ Squat clean

fat bar mix grip clean

Snatch Balance no heave

Set Up – Deadlift vs. Oly

snatch balance technique

Power Position

Squat Jerk

3 position snatch

oly lift

catching the clean in different positions

Kettlebell Exercises

kb swings

KB Speed Start

Single Arm Squat Snatches

KB Clean KB Thruster

kb cleans and kb thrusters

KB Chops

KB Clean and Snatch

Grab the KB by the Horns

kb cleans and kb thrusters

Turkish G’sRyan

db kb snatch and oh lunge and windmill

2p double kb sq snatches linked

Core Exercises

Glute Ham Developer

Overhead MB GHD Situps

Hug a Twinky

MB Plank ups

Dragon Flag

low to high medball twists

L Sits

Low to High Medball Twists

Chuck Jones paralettes

Paralettes as a skill

ab wheel floater

plank challenge

tina ghd mb twists

GHD mb tossesEager Anticipation

Strongman Exercises

Flipthe tire part 1

flip the tire part 2

Lap the Stone

One Time the Stone

stone squats

fat bar mix grip clean

Farmers Carry

Sled Bodybuilding

stone work

lapping the keg to shoulder to overhead

manhandle the keg to shoulder to overheadJosh

kegs ground to shoulder to overhead

Yoke em

One Time the Stone

stone to shoulder

Athlete WOD/Strength/Skill Videos

Goostashio – 20 OHS at 185

2 muscle ups, 2 deadlifts (335) – 7 minute AMRAP Austin

21-15-9 Back Squat (185) 1.5 Pood Swings – Lipson

Barber – 2rds of 15hspus, 20pullups, 25boxjumps(30), 30deads(185), 35burpees

Briggzy 4 rds 8 power cleans 205 8 front squats 8 pistols 8 hspus

Fran Off! 21-15-9 Thursters (95) Pull Ups

TJ 5 min AMRAP Squat Clean to Overhead 165lbs

TJ Hulk Salad

CFT TJ DeadLift

CFT TJ BackSquatNo Monkey Business!

CFT TJ Press

TJ Squat clean


Whitey Bulger


Loop, Swoop & Pull


Awful Waffle

Short, Fast & Deadly

Queezy Baby

12.1 Snatches – a year later

Garage Games Final Wod CFNE

Jason backflip

Butterfly Muscle Ups

MiscellaneousAdam + George = Buddies

WeightRoom Safety

Amy being Turkish Get-Uped

Rowing Basics

painted pvc pipes


bandy good mornings and sidesteps

Buddy Carry

Super High WallBall


sledgehammer peter gabriel

200m shuttle

Bandy Pull Aparts

bandy warm up


bandy mb warm up

crystal 120lb atlas stone

over the box jump


Southie Showdown Pics 2013