Hollow Rock Challenge

Heather - great looking hollow hold

2017 Hollow Rock Challenge
Start Date: January 10th
End Date: March 14th

We will be performing hollow rocks each Tuesday in class. We will start with 10 hollow rocks on January 10th, and increase by 10 reps each week until we hit 100 on March 14th. In addition to completing the hollow rocks in class, you can earn points for completing hollow rocks each day on your own. Earn 1 point for every 10 hollow rocks completed, for a max of 10 points per day (100 hollow rocks).
*Note: the hollow rocks that you complete in class DO count toward this challenge. Record those points here, too!

An “Rx” hollow rock is performed with the arms straight overhead and the legs extended with feet together and toes pointed. The hollow rock can be modified by bringing your arms down by your side and/or tucking one or both knees into the chest. If you modify any of your hollow rocks, please be sure to select the “scaled” box for the day.

Happy Hollow Rockin’!


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